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Automatic Patting System


Through treatment protocols scientifically validated by research groups of major Italian universities, we give the possibility to treat all imperfections of the face and body and some diseases giving immediate and lasting results without ever creating damage to the skin.

APS creates a real cellular regeneration being able to create a multilevel pluristimulation in the dermis as evidences supported by published scientific works.

Healthcare 4.0

Words such as “digital healthcare” or “healthcare 4.0” are increasingly used in common language. What do they mean and what is the state of digitalization of Italian healthcare?

Healthcare 4.0 refers to the introduction of technological and innovative tools in the world of health: from the most advanced technical instrumentation, such as the application of robotics to surgery, to the implementation of digital interfaces for patient relations, from telemedicine to the use of big data capable of revolutionizing diagnosis and treatment systems.

After the implementation of the sensors and the new software system for the management of patient records on our APS and TRICOPAT devices, we have received the Health 4.0 certification from the IMQ certifying body, thus being able to give the advantage of tax relief on the purchase of devices.

We are the first to have this type of certification in the specialty of Dermatology.

The future of regenerative medicine

Join the regenerative medicine revolution

After years of experience gained together with our medical customers, we have created a set of services to support our customers starting from the training with the major medical associations to better prepare for our treatments, to all the diagnostic part by providing dedicated devices and software for a proper follow up and diagnosis, thus being able to demonstrate in detail the extraordinary results of our devices patented and unique in the world.

All this to make the work of the doctor easier.

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

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