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Skin Patting®

Patented innovation for the skin

Careful research work – carried out by a team of scientific researchers – has allowed us to develop and patent a unique method in the field of dermatology and aesthetic medicine, Skin Patting®.

This method performs the important task of preparing the skin in the best possible way and ensures that the use of APS technologies gives immediately effective results, making its protocols unique and inimitable in terms of results.

What makes us truly unique are the protocols that develop our devices.

After years of scientific work we have created protocols that through mechanical, electrical and light stimulation of APS combined with active ingredients, can treat all skin types and imperfections including some diseases always giving immediate and lasting results without ever creating damage.

The pluristimulations that the devices are able to transmit to the skin create a real cellular regeneration giving new life to the skin.

Skin Patting® for face


Lifting Protocol
Improvement of skin elasticity with strong lifting action and restoration of facial contours.

Restructuring Protocol
Support of atonic areas with evident improvement of skin texture.

Antiaging Protocol
Noticeably smoother and firmer skin with wrinkle reduction.

Orbicular Protocol
Support of atonic areas with attenuation of wrinkles and lifting action.

Scalp Protocol
Telogen effluvium, Male and Female Androgenetic Alopecia, Tricodynia.
Stop hair loss.
Increase in the diameter of the hair shaft.
Growth from the same bulb up to three hairs.
After the first session stop of scalp pain (Trichodynia).



Skin Patting® for the body


Lipolytic Protocol
Targeted activation of lipolysis.

Cellulite Protocol
Increased fluid draining action with correction of the orange peel effect.

Toning Protocol
Oxygenation and redefinition of atonic tissues with stimulation of muscle fibers and evident improvement of skin firmness.

Stretch Marks Protocol
Reactivation of the underlying microcirculation and thinning of the edges of stretch marks with improvement of skin elasticity.


Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

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